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Why I Turned Down My First Movie Role

A few years ago, I had been going back and forth via email with some producers that saw me perform at the request of another comic. They wanted to put me in their movie. Some of you are thinking, “was it porn?” No. I never turn that down. Also, no one offers.

Unfortunately, the shoot dates happen to coincide with my tour dates. I asked if they could send over the script so I could see my part. Maybe I could make it worth my time to fly back, shoot the scene and get back on the road? Here was the script. My character’s name was Rufka:

I sat back and laughed out loud. This is what I had been patiently waiting for? I thought it could not get any worse but it did (cool that I had more than one line):

I had to entertain the idea of taking this role because I wanted to know how much they were willing to pay me to sell out other cultures along with my own. Also, they said they felt this role was perfect for me. What about me said “likes to bang goats?” I didn’t ask. Sometimes the satisfaction comes in not knowing.

The producer said they would pay SAG minimum plus a little more. The total would be a whopping $300. I politely declined. I went on tour. I didn’t come back with $300 to my name after the tour but the experience was priceless.

I had heard of comedians/actors being offered these kinds of roles but I didn’t think it still happened. I was never mad the comic or the producer for the offer because they didn’t know any better. Also, I have a tendency to believe that people are good in their intentions but it made my wonder why they weren’t so forthcoming with the script. It didn’t matter.

I heard the movie tanked.

Anyone get any offers like this? Sound off in the comments!



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